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 Counter-Racism Science Project Competition - Objective

Welcome to the 20th Year Anniversay Counter-Racist Science Project Competition!

Primary Objective

The primary objective of the Counter-Racist Science Project Competition is to have as many people as possible involved in thinking, speaking, and/or acting in a manner that will help to replace the system of white supremacy (racism) with a system of justice. This science project functions to allow people to write scientific projects, run scientific experiments, collect the data, analyze the data, provide supporting evidence, provide scientific theories, and record and submit their work. This link may help you to understand the Scientific Method a little better. Detailed Sientific Method.


Successful applicants will satisfy all minimum requirements of submitting their Counter-Racist Science Project in the correct form in accordance with these and other instructions given. There is also a Grading Scale available that allows for extra points for additional analysis and/or supporting evidence.

All valid entries into the Fifth Annual Counter-Racist Science Project Competition will follow the scientific process as indicated in Figure 1. The scientific process helps to promote critical thinking and produce accurate reproducible results. A scientist is a person who is involved in the study and/or practice of a subject, following a set of rules, that confirms and certifies the fact that knowledge has taken place. There will be special consideration for an included Premise, any Research Papers, any related Project Journal, any problem resolutions as opposed to problem identification, and/or experimentation notes. All Counter-Racist Science Project Competition entries submitted are no longer the property of the submitter. The entries will be used as part of a journal published on this website and/or other websites for all people to use as they see fit, at any place and/or any time of their own choosing.

A picture of the scientific process.
Figure 1

Please do not use any material of any books, audio, and/or video that you have read, heard and/or seen. This is your chance to do your own work and produce a product that can be used to aid in the replacement of the SYSTEM of white supremacy (racism) with a SYSTEM of justice. Below is the outline all entries should follow.

Observed Phenomenon:

This is where you will state your observed phenomenon. All observed phenomenon will refer to people in relation to other people. Identify the problem or question which is the central point of your scientific study.


This is where you will state your hypothesis of why what you have stated in your Observed Phenomenon section of your study is occurring. A hypothesis is an educated guess which is specific and testable.


This is where you will write your statements and/or questions, Reasons/Explanations, expected results, actual results, etc. that proves your hypothesis. Evaluate the data. Once you have finished your experiment, you must determine if the data collected answers the hypothesis. Often the data is unconvincing or the hypothesis is disproved. When this happens you might need to think of a new procedure for your experiment.


If the results of your experimentation are inconsistent with your hypothesis you may need to revise your hypothesis and experiment again. This is not a bad thing, it could lead you towards a new scientific discovery. Only submit your final refined Science Project. You can include your Project Journal that shows all of your iterations through the scientific process for additional consideration.

If the results are consistent with the hypothesis it can be used as supporting evidence that the hypothesis is indeed accurate and can therefore be used as scientific theory or concept, but, the supporting evidence must be tested repeatedly and refined before it can be used as scientific theory.

Supporting Evidence:

Supporting Evidence can be in the form of videos, audio, Project Journal, any additional analysis papers, and/or experimentation articles. Please view the Grading Scale for additional information on point scoring and acceptable extra point submissions.

Inconsistent Evidence:

All Inconsistent Evidence, evidence that does not support to prove the Hypothesis , if submitted, will be viewed as an incomplete entry and graded as such.

Scientific Theory:

All Scientific Theories submitted as part of a Counter-Racist Science Project must prove the Observed Phenomenon of said science project or it will be viewed as an incomplete entry and graded as such.


Each Counter-Racist Science Project Competition Entry can be used by any person in any place and/or at any time for the purpose of replacing the system of white supremacy (racism) with a system of justice.

By submitting an entry in the Counter-Racist Science Project Competition you agree that your Counter-Racist Science Project Competition Entry can be used as described above.


All definitions of words used in this process can be found in the Counter-Racist Definitionary in the Counter-Racism Work/Study Project. Sample Science Projects, and the 20th Year Anniversary Counter-Racist Science Project Competition QandA thread can be found in the 20th Year Anniversary Counter-Racism Science Project Competition under the Counter-Racist Science Project forum.


Here are some basic rules and acknowledgment that you are agreeing to by submitting an entry into the Counter-Racist Science Project Competition:

(1) No cursing (profanity).
(2) Your submission into the Counter-Racist Science Project Competition will no longer be your property but the property of Counter-Racism.com and all subsidiaries.
(3) Keep a Project Journal to record your procedure and document the progress of your experiment. The link is to a Project Journal that you can use to help organize your work.
(4) Remember to always concentrate on your specific problem or hypothesis.
(5) Use the least amount of words possible to get your point across, whether it is in the form of questions or comments.
(6) Do not use any material that is in any books, audio, and/or video. This is your opportunity to produce counter-racist codification based on your personal experiences.
(7) Place your name and contact information on your work (in your document).
(8) Name your document a unique name.
(9) Please include your Project Journal in your Science Project submission as one document. E-mail your work to
(10) Take your time and produce quality work. Your work may help someone at sometime to promote justice and correctness.

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