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Let's Begin...(Forum Guidelines and Standards)

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Edward Williams
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 18, 2003 8:06 am    Post subject: Let's Begin...(Forum Guidelines and Standards) Reply with quote

Please feel free to post questions and/or comments to this thread.

The scientific process is one that checks conclusions against nature (what's happening). The definition of Counter-Racism is...

(1) Any speech and/or action that helps to eliminate racism (white supremacy).
(2) Any speech and/or action that helps to promote justice and correctness.

The scientific process helps to promote constructive dialog and minimize confusion for the participants interested in replacing the SYSTEM of racism (white supremacy) with a SYSTEM of justice. Below is a photo of the scientific process...

Scientific Process

We will create ourselves as Counter-Racist Scientists in an effort to replace white supremacy (racism) with justice. Justice being a SYSTEM that guarantees that no person is mistreated and also guarantees the person that needs the most help gets the most help. This topic will be moderated for the purpose of doing just that.

Observed Phenomenon:

Each time a person observes phenomenon that deals with people relations they should start a new thread by putting in quotes "Observed Phenomenon" and the name of their observed phenomenon. If there is no name YOU must create a name.


As a result of this "Observed Phenomenon" post, the creator must make a "Hypothesis" post under the "Observed Phenomenon" post to explain what has been observed. Only one hypothesis to an observed phenomenon thread will be allowed.


After this is done the creator of the thread and other users will write an "Experimentation" post where they will write questions to ask and the expected answers that will prove or disprove the "Hypothesis" post. These are your "Results". All people who can run tests should run tests using the questions posted under the "Experimentation" post and record your answers under the "Result" post.


If the "Results" are inconsistent with the "Hypothesis" the "Hypothesis" must be revised by the creator of the thread...if need be. Use "Revise Hypothesis" to suggest that a hypothesis be modified and include why you think it should be modified based on scientific evidence. Once the "Hypothesis" is revised "Experimentation" will begin again such as in the photo presented.

If the "Results" are consistent with the "Hypothesis" it can be used as supporting evidence that the "Hypothesis" is indeed accurate and can therefore be used as a "Scientific Theory", but, the "Supporting Evidence" must be tested repeatedly and refined before it can be used as a "Scientific Theory".

I and all testers, writers of "Experimentation", the creator of the thread, and others will vote on whether the hypothesis is ready for the Scientific Theory stage.

Here are 7 basic rules for the counter-racist scientists...

(1) No cursing.
(2) Do not challenge the questions of others. Write your own. Your work will speak for itself.
(3) No one OWNS this work. It is for the benefit of all people seeking truth and using truth to promote justice and correctness in all places and at all times. YOur work is Our work.
(4) Do not allow ANYONE to be more courteous than you.
(5) Use the least amount of words possible to get your point across. Whether it is in the form of questions or comments.
(6) No name-calling. Call your colleagues what they wish to be called only.
(7) Ask Questions, Ask Questions, Ask Questions.

Are you ready counter-racist scientists?

Let's begin...
What is the reason YOU were born into a SYSTEM of INJUSTICE if not to replace it with a SYSTEM of JUSTICE?
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