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Dan Freeman

Joined: 12 Apr 2003
Posts: 652
Location: Wherever I'm sent.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 19, 2008 8:32 pm    Post subject: Walk-Away Reply with quote

Observed Phenomenon:

Many non-white people are under a great deal of pressure to live the "American Dream" of "home ownership".

Non-white copules are at war with each other over whether to either maintain a real-estate investment that has unexpectedly depriciated or remain commited to status-quo and "ride it out".


It is impossible for non-white people to own anything in a system of racism/white supremacy. This is becasue in a system of white supremacy the white supremacits/Racists own the non-white people. This also means that the Whtie Supremacists/Racists are the true owners of what victims of racism/white supremacy claim to call "their own".


Since the White Supremacits/Racists own everything they should be responsible for what they own.

Give the Racists/White Supremacists what is thiers by no longer honoring debt and intrest riddled financial agreements.

If you've financed an expensive gas-drinking SUV, simply take it back to the Bank and tell them the truth that you realize that you cannot afford the payments.

If you've financed and over inflated piece of real-estate, simply stop paying the mortgage until the white supremacits come to take back what is thiers in the first place. To compensate, find a cheap rental.

Expected Results:

Increased savings.

Lowered cost of living expenses.

A Better quality of Life.

"Bad Credit"
Understanding is honoring the truth beneath the surface.
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Dan Freeman

Joined: 12 Apr 2003
Posts: 652
Location: Wherever I'm sent.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 19, 2008 8:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Here is an excellent illustration of what has become of the PRIMARY area of activity since this so-called \"sub-prime\" kick-started the economic downturn.

I felt it was notworthy to highlight the difference in posture the interviewer takes while dealing with both sets of couples.

Initially, it appears to me that the interviewer was taking the wide and very low road of blaming the non-white (slave) couple for their ignorance instead of blaming the slave master (white supremacist International Bankers) for their willful intent to cause injury by offering a suitcase with time-bomb undetecable by radar and armed with a state-of-the-art trigger called a re-setting interest rate.

For the record, Unless I've been misinformed, a subprime loan isn't just sub-par loan. Even though the term Sub-Prime does translate well for the white supremacits/Racists into Sub-Human meaning, Niggers of course.

Specifically though, unless I've been misinformed, a Sub-Prime loan is a loan predicated on the speculative future value of the real-estate property rather than the prime rate of interest at the time of purchase; A weapon of mass-destruction that may have had some unintended consequences (blowback) or perhaps even intended consequences. Only the White supremacists/Racists would know that one for sure.

The arguable consequences seem to be the devaluation of other non-real estate related US assets such as the recent news of the sale Anhieuser Bush to foriegners In-Bev and the sale of the Chrysler building to “The Rag-heads” for literally pennies on the dollar. Meanwhile, the implosion of Wall street favorite Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s mortgage backed securities on the global market exacerbates the decline of the US dollar as seen by the rise in fuel & bread costs while wages either stay the same or vanish.

Interviewer: Did you understand any of this?

Black Male: No not really. Not much of it.

Interviewer: Did you have a lawyer look at it?

Black Male: No I didn't.

Interviewer: You knew this was a big decision? You where borrowing hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Black male: I looked at it as far as my family

Sadly for victims of racism; our ignorance does not protect. As a suggestion VOR's should attempt to find the logic by asking qustions, then start following the logic by making decisions based on that new understanding. (see: http://www.europac.net; http://www.donharrold.net; http://www.ronpaul.org)

Conversely, while the interviewer spoke to the White couple, not only did they exhibit a better understanding of the truth of the situation, they also had what the interviewer described as a \"logical\" way of dealing with the problem.

\"The value of the house had fallen below what they owed on the mortgage\"

Mr. Valdez: The value keeps going down, the payment keeps going up (or stays the same) where's the logic in that? And how can we fix it? And if we can't fix it, what do we DO?

Mrs. Valdez: Why make a $3200 payment on a 1200 sq ft. home? It makes no sense.

Interviewer: But that's what you agreed to do when you bought the house?!

Mrs. Valdez: Fine! But that was when the value was going up. Now the value is going down. It makes no sense because we will never be able to refinance and make a lower payment. There's no way.

Interviewer: You’re saying essentially that you’re just going to stop making payments? You’re going to let it go into foreclosure?

Mrs. Valdez: You know that's the only advice we've gotten so far.

I couldn't help but to find it noteworthy that the white people seemed to come up with the proper problem perception and resolution as simply walking away from their mortgage and renting. Real estate problem solved.

This may also illustrate the basic LACK of understanding non-white people have of real value. A compensatory definition of value could be: Not lying to yourself which is also self-respect.

I could be incorrect, but it seems that our training of self-hate coupled with a lack of self-respect in response to the constant onslaught of omnipresent mistreatment on the basis of color, has seriously corrupted black people's (non-white people's) entire sense of VALUE which is SUPER-CRITICAL in a system so heavily tied to the PRIMARY area of activity known as economics.

I could be incorrect, but I also suspect that if the black male came to the same conclusion that the white male came to on his own, he would immediatly be AT WAR with his black female counterpart over that decision due to a lack of understanding of what racism/white supremacy is and how it works.

I found it interesting that the white people took the position that at least I would consider best exemplifies what counter-racism is supposed to be which is: WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT instead of wallowing in problem perception, sorrow, idle chatter, or waiting for Barack Obama to save you.

Understanding is honoring the truth beneath the surface.
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Joined: 19 Apr 2003
Posts: 796
Location: Closer

PostPosted: Sat Jul 26, 2008 12:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

But won't the white supremacists step in and provide some way for the non white people to stay in "their homes" and thereby continue to make payments?

Its the audacity of hope right?

Surely the nonwhite person can find some untapped source of funds to continue to make payments,


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