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image Counter-Racism Science Project Competition


The 5th Annual Counter-Racism Science Project Competition has officially come to a close.

There was only one entry in the Counter-Racism Science Project Competition this year and, if that entry meets the minimum criteria for a Counter-Racism Science Project Competition submission, that entry will receive the 1st Place Prize allotment of $500.00.

The Winner of the 5th Annual Counter-Racism Science Project Competition's 1st Place Prize is Nonmightywick. Nonmightywick's submission was the only submission for the 5th Annual Counter-Racism Science Project Competition. There were no 2nd or 3rd Place Prizes rewarded as a result.

Nonmightywick's entry into the 5th Annual Counter-Racism Science Project Competition is as follows:

Efficient Counter Racism Experiment
RAD and SME Sex Question
SME Explanation
Why is sex between WP and NWP incorrect behavior?

We'd like to thank everyone who participated in the 5th Annual Counter-Racism Science Project Competition by using their time and energy in such a manner as to think, speak, and/or act toward the production of a SYSTEM of justice and in doing so eliminating the worldwide global SYSTEM of racism (white supremacy).

Good luck in 2013 in the 6th Annual Counter-Racism Science Project Competition!


image Counter-Racism Work/Study Project VIP Code


The VIP Code for registering on the Counter-Racism Work/Study Project is 033103.


 Counter-Racism Collaboration Area

This is area designed to promote a collaborative work environment for people looking to, put in documentation form, work that is designed to minimize confusion between non-white people, keep non-white people from being harmed, and promote justice and correctness in all places and at all times. We are currently refining the Counter-Racist Collaboration Area so please bare with us. Editors and/or viewers can gain access to the documents in this area by going to the login page. Anyone interested in being involved in collaboration work please post your request under the How To Counter Racism (White Supremacy) In The Workplace forum under the Documentation/Paperwork topic or send an e-mail to Webmaster@counter-racism.com.
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