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 Science Project Competition Instructions

Primary Objective

The primary objective of the Counter-Racist Science Project Competition is to have as many people as possible involved in thinking, speaking, and/or acting in a manner that will help to replace the system of white supremacy (racism) with a system of justice. This science project functions to allow people to write scientific projects, run scientific experiments, collect the data, analyze the data, provide supporting evidence, provide scientific theories, and record and submit their work. This link may help you to understand the Scientific Method a little better. Detailed Scientific Method .


Successful applicants will satisfy all minimum... more...



 Counter-Racism Science Project Competition

Welcome to the 6th Annual Counter-Racism Science Project Competition!

We will begin accepting submissions on June 22, 2018. Please view and follow the instructions for qualified submissions and extra point documentation. One submission per person.

The deadline for entry submission will be 11:55PM Sunday, September 30, 2018. Judging will promptly occur and will cease 11:55PM Sunday December 2, 2018 . Prize allotment is as follows:

First Prize is $500.00,
Second Prize is $300.00,
and Third Prize is $200.00.

Prize Winner announcement and awarding will take place December 21, 2018.


 Help For People Who Need Help The Most

Project Journal

This is an example of a Project Journal that will aid you in producing an organized work. Please use it at your discretion. If you need this in word document format please post a request... more...

Detailed Scientific Method

The following is a review of the Scientific Method with some key questions and directions on how to design and conduct an experiment. more...

Science Project Grading Scale

This grading scale will aid you in how to formulate your science experiments to get the most awarded points. more...


image Counter-Racism Work/Study Project VIP Code


The VIP Code for registering on the Counter-Racism Work/Study Project is 033103.


 Counter-Racism Collaboration Area

This is area designed to promote a collaborative work environment for people looking to, put in documentation form, work that is designed to minimize confusion between non-white people, keep non-white people from being harmed, and promote justice and correctness in all places and at all times. We are currently refining the Counter-Racist Collaboration Area so please bare with us. Editors and/or viewers can gain access to the documents in this area by going to the login page. Anyone interested in being involved in collaboration work please post your request under the How To Counter Racism (White Supremacy) In The Workplace forum under the Documentation/Paperwork topic or send an e-mail to Webmaster@counter-racism.com.
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