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hmmm.... Movies

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Joined: 29 May 2003
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 03, 2003 4:39 pm    Post subject: hmmm.... Movies Reply with quote

I'l ltry to keep this short, as I'm going out the door for work and I WONT be accessing the site from there!

I watched 2 movies in the past few days and some things dawned on me about how BLACKs and the roles in that environment that they play.

    1. Have you noticed how white females have SUDDENLY gotten much fuller lips as opposed to days gone by where the ideal white woman had almost pencil tip thick lips?

    2. Why does it seem like the black people in a move on serve 2 or three purpose - is the EMOTIONAL support for the lead white actor - Is easily excited and confused by the story's plot - is comic relief - always TAGGING along with the white people. For no explained reason other than there is none... Does this broadcast a TYPE for black children to become? Does this show white people HOW to treat and MIS TREAT non white people based upon the movie's ideal? Since movies are a passive medium wouldn;t this be the BEST method for conveying the racist white supremacist message about how to maintain the system?

    3. I was watching a picture on HBO call 100 Girls and it was a teen movie about this white boy in a MOSTLY white cast movie - not even background people were NON-WHITE - and I heard something interesting. During the middle of the movie the boy has a n argument with a GIRL about women and men relationships during a fusball match in the girl's dorm.

    Half way through making his point (all WHITE people again) he proceeds to say "it's like FARAKHAN saying on the WHITE (with HIS emphasis) MAN can practice racism when all people have their prejudices". This statement is HALF true. At the End of the movie he is making a speech to a bunch of girls and he proceeds to say how he want to say his words like "Martin Luther King's I HAVE A DREAM speech" (no Doctor was mentioned).

    Why was it necessary to mention these to BLACK people in such an ODD way? It seems to me that whites get TRAINING at all times and all places.. Movies are one of the best places to do it.

    4. On the television show Angel on WB there is a black guy who is part of the GANG. You guys need to check out this show, it's one of the most PACKED shows for TEACHING white children (it seems) about RWS that I've ever seen and understood. His name is GUNN. (get it?) The last I saw on the show was that he was dating a white girl form the gang and he KILLED some man who was BOTHERING her FOR her and then she LET HIM go.

    LOL, niggers are getting seriously programmed though this show. Not to mention that all the references to good and evil are muddles by ANGEL being a vampire. The show is deep and watching just a few episodes it's amazing how blatant the references to (visual, dialogue, sound EFX) black = evil ugly bad nasty demon (must be KILLED and NOT TRUSTED) white = good heavenly right WHITE true virtuous salvation ANGEL ..

    VEry very very... INTERSTING.. Josh perhaps I can burn a DVD of the shows I have for you. I'd really like to hear your thoughts like ya movies reviews..

Aiight long enough?

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