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Talking about "Race" in the workplace

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Dan Freeman

Joined: 12 Apr 2003
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 15, 2004 12:42 pm    Post subject: Talking about "Race" in the workplace Reply with quote

If the race-problem does become a topic brought up by another, I would simply ask questions and stay away from making too many statements.

Ask questions particularly of the people who say that they are classified as white. Because, logically speaking, when it comes to matters of Race/Racism/White Supremacy, the only "experts" on the subject are the people who are classified as White.

There is NO SUCH THING as a non-white "expert" on White People.

If that where the case, counter-racism.com would not exist, neither would the system of White Supremacy.

The only "experts" on White Supremacy are the White people who choose to practice Racism/White Supremacy themselves.

So, with that said, if your interested in solving the Race-problem at the job or anywhere else, it would seem logical that the first people you should look for some help from are the "experts"...Whoever they happen to be.

Always keep in mind that I could be incorrect about everything that I said.

Counter-Racist Logic is only theory. It has yet to be "proven".

Understanding is honoring the truth beneath the surface.
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Joined: 14 Apr 2003
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Location: Washington DC

PostPosted: Tue Nov 16, 2004 3:10 pm    Post subject: Re: Talking about "Race" in the workplace Reply with quote

smallz wrote:
If the race-problem does become a topic brought up by another, I would simply ask questions and stay away from making too many statements.


I once gave a presentation on racism in the workplace to other "peer" supervisors. After the presentation I was told I was too sensitive by all members of the staff. This was a letter I sent to them.

Open letter to my peers; Mike Rowe, Butch Lysinger, Carol Bowser, James Gorham, Bobby Fogel, Bobby Hackley, Hamit Coskun, and Willie Lucas

re: Oversensitivity; case of John S. Bilal II

As a result of my presentation on 12/05/95 I was interested to learn that most of you think I have a problem with over-sensitivity. Now I don't know whether to be elated or distressed. I have written this request and would like each of you to address the contents of this letter as an assistance to me. This I would deeply appreciate. I don't ask you for much; this response, however, I respectfully insist upon. I see myself as much a part of this team as anyone of you and since most of you apparently think I am conducting myself incorrectly or in an extreme fashion, I am now soliciting suggestions from each of you as to what I can do to correct my behavior. If you choose not to respond I will assume that either you don't want to help me, you don't have the time to help me or that you think I'm insane and can't be helped. In any case I will understand.

The definitions that you see above are found in the Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary. While studying these words in becomes clear to me that being oversensitive can mean many many combinations of things. It could be that I am extremely cautious about people's feelings, or that I'm downright insane. It may mean something else. In short, I don't understand what you mean when you say that I'm oversensitive. Please be honest in your response to me on these questions. Please be specific.


What do you think I'm oversensitive to? Why do you think I am oversensitive? What specific things have I done to make you think I am oversensitive? Do you think my being oversensitive is not-constructive to me and/or the work environment? What suggestions would you make about how I can become desensitized? Should I be desensitized? Is sensitivity more advisable than insensitivity? Why does NASA ask employees to attend sensitivity training? Should NASA have desensivity training as an option for employees? Have you ever attended sensitivity training? Do you think you need attend sensitivity training? Are you oversensitive about anything?


I thank you for your attentiveness during my presentation. I also thank you for your forebearance with me in this matter about my alleged oversensitivity. I realize that I am not a mature person yet, and that I have a long way to grow and go. Your input is vitally important to me so that I can correct myself.


Oversensitive - Unduly or extremely sensitive.

Over - Beyond some quantity, limit, or norm often by a specified degree. In an excessive manner; inordinately. In an intensive or comprehensive manner.

Sensitive - Highly responsive or susceptible. Easily hurt or damaged. Delicately aware of the attitudes and feelings of others. Excessively or abnormally susceptible; hypersensitive. Capable of indicating minute differences. Readily effected by various agents. Calling for tact, care, or caution in treatment: Touchy (an issue like race relations).

Sense - A meaning conveyed or intended. The faculty of perceiving by sense organs. Conscious awareness or rationality. A motivating awareness. Capability for the effective application of the powers of the mind as a basis for action or response: intelligence. Sound mental capacity and understanding typically marked by shrewdness and practicality.

Sensible - Perceptible to the senses or to reason or understanding. Perceptible as real or material: substantial. To arouse emotion response. Receptive to external influences: Sensitive. Perceiving through the senses or the mind. Convinced by percieved evidence. Emotionally awareand responsive. Conscious: having, containing, or indicative of good reason.

Unduly - Exceeding or violating propriety or fitness.

Extreme - Going to a great or exaggerated lengths. Most advanced or thoroughgoing. Exceeding the ordinary, the usual or the expected.

Insensitive - Not responsive or susceptible (to the demands of the public). Lacking feeling or tact (so as to laugh at someone in pain).

Insensible - Incapable or bereft of feeling or sensation. Not endowed with life or spirit. Lacking sensory perception or theability to act. Lacking emotional response. Unaware. Stupid. Indifferent.

Common sense- The unreflective opinions of ordinary men (persons). Sound and prudent, but often unsophisticated judgement.

Note: The words sensibility and insensibility were so closely related until I thought it necessary to include them in this list.

We hurl the truth against falsehood and it knocks out its brain, and see, falsehood perishes!

The Qur'an
Sura 21, Ayat 18
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