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hair/beauty experiment

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Edward Williams
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 15, 2007 9:56 pm    Post subject: Re: hair/beauty experiment Reply with quote

testalot wrote:
Non-white upsetting White woman when using White Woman's beauty symbol.

I have just joined the forums. I started to read the site 2 days ago and couldn't stop as
I was actually also thinking of creating a site to analyse racist behaviours, analysing them, and finding ways of coping, and I found this site!!!!

I am going to talk about some observations I made few years ago, when
I was really into 'fashion'. Being French, I went for holidays in not so small cities and couldn't stand the oppressive images of what is beautiful: all the adverts, etc.
So I decided to 'play the game'????!!!!
I bought very long artificial hairs ( natural were never long enough) and attach them
so that they arrive on the back of my knees ankle level - really really long hair and a lot of them. Nobody could have naturally such long hair and I made sure of that. Really long and BLACK hair.
I reasoned that 'if long hair is what's beautiful' I will give people REALLY long hair' !
Please note I felt very insecure about my beauty in this city.
To top it all, I would dress well, including jewels. Though with loose and long clothes
so that my legs couldn't be seen ( long dress), only my arms and face. Well not like a whore.

When walking in the streets, this is what I noticed:

1. When with a White men ( their companions?), White Women would quasi automatically ask me, even shout AT me \\\\\\\"is it your real hair?\\\\\\\". Alone, they would simply look back and NEVER stay near me ( afraid of the comparison on White Supremacists Symbols?)
2. White men, even in their cars, would press their cars horn.
3. black girls would look carefully ( keep record of the style?) and would ask me about the hairdresser, the technique, etc. and I would suggest them a fee for my services.
4. In one case, ( did the same in Spain) in a Spanish shop at the till, a black man shopping with a white woman was looking at me. Then his partner started lip kissing him when she saw me, and he turned his head looking on the FLOOR. She was lip kissing Him not Him.
I wonder if he was really happy.

In 1, the White woman when with her men, would be shouting more loudly ' is it your real hair?', their men trying continue walking. Then she would ask the guys to stop and EVEN cross the street to come to my side of the pavement shouting really loudly 'is it your real hair?'

To that I would reply: \\\\\\\"
' What's the matter with you? Why don't you ask about my hairdresser? She is very good, sin't she? funny that only the White women ask 'is it your real hair' instead of
saying I find your haircut beautiful who is your hairdresser?' \\\\\\\"

Then the response: ' I was just asking'.

To which I would repeat : arab, chinese, or black girls ask me who my hairdresser is
and say ' it is very beautiful', 'you are very beautiful' .

THEN I would look straight in her men's eyes and smile. To which all with no exceptions would smile back.
Then look to her and say :
' Only the White girls ask 'is it your real hair'. Are you jealous? '.

The White woman, would stop the conversation and press their man to cross again the street and walk quickly.

The first time I felt 'harassed' that these White women would go to the length of shouting and even crossing the street to ask if 'it was my real hair', and just walked quickly to avoid them. Then when I started to call her jealous ( after smiling to her man), she was nearly running to get her guy away. I would of course wave good bye to their guys.

To be honest, I was quiet machiavellic by doing that but I really enjoyed it and I got some nice holidays. In the bus, I would spot the White couples and go and stand near them. If you saw the White female distress, anger... the hate(?) she always had reasons why they had to leave at the next stop.

But as it was hard work and I was on holiday, I do not do that in my everyday life ( better things to do than playing the bimbo).


Welcome. Thank you for posting your first counter-racism science experiment. I am moving it to the proper forum. Also, please read the Counter-Racism Science Project Forum's Guidelines and Standards for instructions on correctly formatting your counter-racism science experiment.

Keep those experiments coming.

Thank you again and happy countering racism (white supremacy)!
What is the reason YOU were born into a SYSTEM of INJUSTICE if not to replace it with a SYSTEM of JUSTICE?
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