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Supreme Courts Michigan decision

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Joined: 19 Apr 2003
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2003 11:54 pm    Post subject: Supreme Courts Michigan decision Reply with quote

I want to share an observation I had about the supreme courts
decision on "affirmative action". It a great example of how White people
use words to confuse Black people and how good they are at doing it.

Through the use of words White people have taken the issue of Black people
being mistreated on the basis of color (racism White supremacy) completely
out of the discussion. And replaced it with a discussion of whether

I sit there and listen to White people compare being a Black person to being
a great Lacrosse player, or having lived in Armenia for 8 years.

"race is only one factor among many we consider in our admissions policy".

Im sorry but an extra 20 points on an admissions policy is no compesation for a LIFETIME of mistreatment based on color. In a system of White supremacy, dark skin is a pathology...its a dangerous affliction. You have less access to resources, you get decieved and lied to, White cops think your wallet and keys are a gun...

When I listened to the policy being argued in front of the court, smart
White people were getting up there and saying "Affirmative Action creates a
diverse student body which helps ALL students...*minor[ity]* students bring
a unique perspective which enriches the learning experience for ALL

See what I mean?

Dark skinned people need "special help" because they receive "special

But White people engineer the language to avoid that issue altogether.

I suspect the courts decision was part of a tacky arrangement between White
people and non white people.

"We will maintain these special programs to help you in exchange for you not
discussing our mistreatment of you based on color".

What I really found tragically amusing was all the WHITE people talking
about a need to create "COLOR BLIND" admissions policies.

Did ya'll get that?

a person who classified themselves as WHITE talking about the importance of
not considering COLOR.

And they do it with a straight face.

The transcripts of the arguments made before the court by both sides is very revealing, specifically the interaction between the court and the lone Black male presenter for the proponets of AA. Im not sure which Justice it was but one of them asked this Black presenter, "how long are we gonna need these programs"

Did yall catch that?

The White person is asking the Black person "how long will AA be necessary?"

What was interesting was that the Black persons answer sounded like an apology...it really did to me.

What I found interesting about this latest rulling was that both of the White women on the court took the same position.

My analysis of what I would essentially call a split decision is this:

In plain language the court is telling the Universities that if you are going to have special programs to help dark colored people compensate for their mistreatment based on color in a system of White supremacy

You are going to have to find a way to pull it off with the same level of sophistication that White people practice racism White supremacy

In other words, do it in a way that doesn't allow some White student to come here and complain to me! We are being put on the spot for what is essentially a collective behavior among many many White people.

Get it together White people!

Im looking for the quote but I think it was Justice O'connor who made some prediction about the need for AA ending 25 years from now.

Very very interesting.

The key issue of whether Black people should recieve help to counter their mistreatment in a system of White supremacy was never on the table. That is not what White people consider a "compelling state interest"; if it was they could just say so.

But they did not.

My only consolation, if you wanna consider it that, was, Even Supreme Court Justices can't come up with the language necessary to justify mistreating a person because they have dark skin.

Remember that when you are talking to White people about racism White supremacy.


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Joined: 19 Apr 2003
Posts: 796
Location: Closer

PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, 2003 11:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here is the quote from Justice Sandra Day O'connor that I mentioned in my last post"

"We expect that 25 years from now the use of racial preferences will no longer be necessary"

Thank you Justice O'connor, those are my sentiments exactly. I too expect the practice of racism White supremacy to end in my lifetime.

Special programs to help non white people compensate for their mistreatment in a system of racism White supremacy will no longer be necessary in 25 years because White people will no longer be practicing racism White supremacy.


Did ya'll get that?

I didn't say racsim is gonna end in my life time, Supreme court Justice Sandra Day O'connor said it. That makes it credible...its not just some nigger like me shootin his mouth off.

The question I have for her is: "what are you basing your EXPECTATIONS on?"

What will be said and DONE differently that will replace White supremacy with Justice?

Inquiring victims of racism want to know.

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