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PostPosted: Sat Apr 10, 2004 5:41 am    Post subject: NLP Reply with quote

Texting some female On-line and stumbled across some information she emailed me as a joke...

The title was:

Dr John Grinder and Richard Bandler wrote:
A definition of NLP
Which I later fount out the broken down meaning of the abbreviation…. “Neuro -Linguistic Programming

Neuro--- Nerves

Linguistic--- Language

Programming--- To plan

Now ask yourself, “Do nerves have a language to plan anything?

A simple answer; YES.

Because it is how we interpret WORDS that make us feel good, bad, sad, etc., And people uses feeling to associate WORDS, which comes down to the use of NERVES, communicating together to plan action between your ORGANS. You might smile when you feel good, frown when you’re feeling bad, or cry if you are sad... See what I mean?

So in other words NLP is white supremacist/racist work tools--- WORDS

Now let's associate it with the article:

Dr John Grinder and Richard Bandler wrote:
will be dependent on the audience, as this
to some extent determines the context in which the
definition will be received. So this is my definition. NLP/Words is a
model of the way people represent "the world they live in" to
themselves. As such it provides a framework to discuss how
people differ in the way they represent things and know the
world. An epistemology


((What the Hell is epistemology))

Epistemology--- Is the study of KNOWING.

Knowing what?


Moving on:

Dr John Grinder and Richard Bandler wrote:
is about "how you know that you
know". NLP/WORDS is a way of describing that process in people,
and is thus an epistemology.
When the creators of NLP/WORDS (Dr John Grinder and Richard
Bandler) first started to codify the patterns they were
, they were immersed in their own rich context for
making sense of those patterns. That context included a very
useful epistemology which provided the basis for pattern
One of the original effects of codifying the patterns was to
take them out of the original context, making them
discontinuous technologies. As with many technologies the
wisdom of the founders was not a prerequisite for their use
and the epistemology basis was not learned consistently.
New code (developed by Dr John Grinder and Judith
DeLozier) was the re-coding of the NLP/WORDS technology within the
framework of the original context with an epistemology
made consistent. This context allows the coherent
progression of further pattern identification and NLP/WORDS use
within aesthetic and wise framework.
Another way I think about this difference is to consider the
experiments made in this country with the introduction of
new species to act against a perceived local problem
. The
exotic species was well contained in it's original environment
and embedded in a complex set of interactions with others in
that environment, all of which had reached a dynamic
stability. Introducing the new "pattern" into an area without
the necessary checks and balances caused severe problems,
often worse than the original situation to which it was
applied. Post this experience, extensive testing and high
quality information was gathered before any new "pattern"
was allowed into the general population. Particular attention
was paid to consequences to the system as a whole. The
basic premise is to maintain those other species which have
important and necessary functions in the dynamic whole.
The purpose of adding any new element into a system is to
increase the diversity of the whole. Such to me is the
difference between classic and new code.
Classic code--- “I hate you niggers.”

New code--- “African Americans don’t appreciate what was given to them.”

Now don't that sound more like what was stated?

Feedback if possible...
Replace White Supremacy (racism) with Ma'at
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Joined: 29 May 2003
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 14, 2004 9:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I want to get back to this later. This reminds me of some stuff on language I'm reading from Chomsky. anyhow, I'll try to respond when I have more legible thoughts.
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