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White Virus

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2004 11:48 am    Post subject: White Virus Reply with quote

If white people choose to annihilate non-white people, is it logical to think the creator will help non-white people?

I say no… Because,

1. White people have the ability to manipulate their surrounding… meaning white people can mix molecules together and make cures, incase the earth is de-populated of non-white people.

2. White people have at one point in time wiped out species on this planet… and fount ways of compensating their absent. (For example; the Dodo bird)

3. White people can find ways of manipulating other surroundings, that are not of this earth… but mainly that are in different parts of the universe. (For example; the moon or higher into the atmosphere)

And thinking of this, I notice the Science Fiction movies that you/I may have seen on television…

The future is often dark, musky, and smog is filled in the air. Buildings are dilapidated (decaying), people are starving, and people are trying to figure out ways of either escaping or moving higher into the atmosphere, of the earth…

A world where niggers exist or even a world without niggers the images made by the image makers are intended for the destruction of the earth… and this is why I coined only white people function indentical to VIRUSES

A virus only function is to destroy its host and move on until it has no other place to move… in-other-words it’ll continue to destroy until it has destroyed the whole body (connection between beings). It also manipulates the main functionary beings, to bend toward its own desire, meaning it changes the environment around itself to suit its own needs, but its ultimate purpose is destroy everything.

That is why I strongly advocate, waiting for the creator to help is not logical… but making necessary moves to dismantle the white virus agenda, and afterward the creator assisting is logical…

Or the rules of ANTIBODIES --- I.E countering racism/white supremacy

Cause you have really think about… people die from diseases because taking medicine becomes their immune system… now if people don’t take medicines and let thier body naturally fight off the diseases, then they are thier own immune system… because the disease is recognizes and DESTROYED… within the body itself
Replace White Supremacy (racism) with Ma'at
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