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Lessons of Othello

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 13, 2003 12:41 pm    Post subject: Lessons of Othello Reply with quote

I had written this as a response to VGOD, and felt that is could be of use here also.


the lessons of Othello are:

1) Do not expect to be, or attempt to be, accepted by those, who you suspect despise you and/or have proven that they depise you.

2) Follow the actions of the person who says they are helping you. Becuase, they may be helping you into a conflict with someone else and/or with yourself. Ask yourself: What are the results of this help? Does this help lead to peace or conflict? Why? How? Why IS this person helping me?

3) When a conflict arises, speak about it with those who are in perceived
conflict with you. Especially in relations betwen males and females. And especially when non-white males and females are directly or indirectly dominated by a system of racism/white supremacy where "race"(color classification) is a dominant factor in every relationship.
Othello's primary weakness was his inability to think clearly due to his constant understanding that he was BLACK among WHITE people. Would he constanly think of this had he not been a victim of racism/nigger and daily reminded that he was a victim of racism/nigger?

These lyrics from The Roots Album, Things Fall Apart, illustrate the point excellently:

["You Got Me" Verse 3]
(Black Thought)
That snake could be that chick
and that rat could be that cool cat
that's whispering "she tryin to play you for the fool Black"
if something's on your chest then let it be known
see I'm not your every five minutes all on the phone
and on the topic of trust, it's just a matter of fact
that people bite back and fracture what's intact
and they'll forever be I ain't on some "oh I'm a celebrity"
I deal with the real so if it's artificial let it be
I've seen people caught in love like whirlwinds
listening to they squads and listening to girlfriends
that's exactly the point where they whole world ends
lies come in, that's where that drama begins, she like
[Chorus] until fade

Othello should have taken the approach as illustrated by Black Thought
of The Roots.


the full posting can be found here:
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Edward Williams
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 13, 2003 5:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


All of the Forums are interconnected. No need to post the same thing on two forums. People will see what posts are new to them when they login.
What is the reason YOU were born into a SYSTEM of INJUSTICE if not to replace it with a SYSTEM of JUSTICE?
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